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Hello. My name is Linda Nguyen and my capstone project is on the psychological effects of technology. It talks about the “side-effects” people get when they over use technology. A great amount of out daily lives are spend using, working, and depending on technology, which studies have found that it can lead to psychological effects on the mind and body. Yes, technological advancement has been helpful but at the same time very harmful. People only see its benefits and not its “side-effects.” The side-effects can be prevented if we just limit the amount of time we spend working on the computer, surfing the web, talking on the phone, and watching television. A website will be created in order to spread the awareness of the over use of technology. This site will allow its viewers to have access to information on the side-effects of using too much technology. It would also give advice on how one should go about fixing their technology dependent and usage level problem. If the viewer does not know if they have a problem or that they are over using technology they would be advised to take surveys and questionnaires. The surveys and questionnaires will assess the amount they use. Its goal is to get people to realize that even though technology has its pros; it also has cons. Cons that can put someone’s health or the health of others at risk. A brochure and poster will also be created to promote the site and issues it is addressing. The brochure will summarize what the site will contain and how it would be beneficial to the community. the sire is not only there to inform users bt to persuade them to develop a better understanding of what technology can do to us if we use it and depend on it too much.

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Questionnaires can be taken to measure technology usuage

Brochure are available that summarizes and promote the website

Benefits of technology limitations/ better community

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